Build your community

If you want to take your data skills to the next level or simply exploring your next challenge, a strong community is the first place to start. Tableau Conference Europe offers the ultimate forum to meet like-minded people who can help you overcome common obstacles, learn new techniques, and celebrate successes. Below are just a few of the ways you can optimise your time at TC Europe to build your own community.

Tableau Community

The secret sauce to Tableau is no secret at all. It's you. Bold-thinking, problem solving, idea-inspiring people like you. When you bring all those data rockstars together all under one roof, the results are inspiring ideas and long lasting connections. The Tableau community is filled with data enthusiasts from every business sector, department, and skill level, who all come together under one roof at Tableau Conference Europe. The Data Village is where the community goes from online inspiration to real-world interactions. Come and say hello, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome.

Tableau Ambassadors & Zen Masters

The Tableau Ambassador and Zen Master programs represent the very best and brightest that the Tableau community has to offer. Their passion, knowledge, and expertise makes them experts in their field, capable of building first class dashboards that can unlock exceptional insights for users of any level. TC Europe gives you the chance to connect with the elite Tableau experts throughout the conference, both informally in the Data Village or by attending one of their numerous expert and thought provoking sessions.

Tableau Employees

Did you know Tableau Conference is staffed primarily by our employees? They are the secret sauce to ensuring every attendee has a valuable and productive conference experience. In face, Tableau employees fly in from across the globe to ensure Tableau spirit and product knowledge fill the halls. Our attendees live and breath Tableau everyday and so do our employees - naturally, it's the perfect match. Our culture and core values make us unique–and we bring that spirit to every TC Europe, year in year out.