Iron Viz Europe 2019 Finalists

Iron Viz is the ultimate data showdown where data rockstars from across Europe compete live on stage with the same data set to determine who will be crowned the European champion. This year, watch Anna Dzikowska (Poland), Simon Stusak (Germany), and Tristan Schouten (Netherlands) go head to head in a viz battle you don’t want to miss. Learn about the finalists before they take on the Iron Viz stage:

Tristan Schouten

As a consultant at Infotopics, Tristan Schouten helps clients understand their data so they can put it to better use. He uses Tableau to help clients prep and visualise their data, and he also consults on user management and dashboard design.

Tristan has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and works as a Data Analytics Consultant. He specializes in organizing processes that enable clients to operationalize their data and translate that data into management information. Tristan is inspired by his friend and colleague, Emily Maas. This summer Tristan is participating in TRI Amsterdam, a triathlon which takes place in the heart of Amsterdam. He will be completing the Olympic distance triathlon, consisting of a 1500 m swim, 38.5 km bike ride, and 10.5 km run. Tristan was born in Heiloon and raised in Mierlo (two towns located in the Netherlands) and now lives in Amsterdam.

Anna Dzikowska

Anna Dzikowska is an Assistant Professor, health economist, and health data analyst with a passion for data visualization. She often uses Tableau to research health-related topics, and focuses her research on the performance and complexities of health care systems. Anna is keen to improve healthcare through the power of analytics and hopes to inspire students to do the same.

While on maternity leave, Anna wanted to learn new skills that would boost her career. She was looking for new ways to share her expertise in healthcare when she discovered Tableau. In May 2018, she decided to create a Tableau Public profile, publishing more than 60 vizzes and participating in #MakeoverMonday since then. Anna is inspired by Lindsay Betzendhal’s #ProjectHealthViz, and loves skiing, cycling, and practicing yoga. She also loves waterparks! Anna lives in central Poland with her husband and daughter.

Simon Stusak

Simon Stusak works as a Business Intelligence Specialist at the consultancy firm Hopmann Marketing Analytics in Munich, helping clients transform into data-driven organizations. He studied human-computer interaction at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany and received his PhD in 2016.

As a Senior BI Specialist, Simon has collaborated on data projects with Audi, BMW, and BSH Home Appliances. He began using Tableau just two years ago with the start of his new job. Simon is a big fan of #MakeoverMonday and admires the passion and energy that Eva Murry and Andy Kriebel put into the project. Outside of helping others understand their data and creating his own data visualisations, Simon plays the saxophone for not one, but two bands! He’s even gone on tour with them across Europe, Japan, and Russia. Simon Stusak was born in Tettnang, Germany and currently lives in Munich Germany.