We are thrilled to share our experiences with the Tableau community on our ongoing evolution from a siloed, ad-hoc analytics culture to an increasingly data-centric investment firm. From our early sandbox-style exploration of Tableau with a dozen pioneers, to our current 700-user community, Pictet Asset Management has faced technical challenges, business adoption constraints, and an emerging need to empower our end-users. Over the past 2.5 years, we have learned many lessons on our journey to democratize our data, and we’d like to showcase one of our success stories in the realm of finance. By combining multiple data sources, we monitor the commercial outlook of our clients to support our sales teams. Discover how we use Tableau as a platform for change!

Session Speakers: 
Tudor Iatan
Pierre-Benoit Querton
Session Type: 
Breakout Session
Session Track: 
Enablement & Adoption
Session Level: 
All levels