Setting up Tableau at Criteo in 2013 was a huge success: we quickly passed the "1000-dashboards" bar and had a wide population of hundreds of contributors. However, maintaining a high quality of service when any given dashboard can potentially query a petabyte of data is anything but trivial. As a consequence, we ended up building a specifically tailored Tableau Release Process, fostering collaboration through co-construction and best-practices sharing, while staying within the Tableau ecosystem our analysts know and love. **Spoiler alert** A few years after, Criteo is successfully running Tableau Server on version 2018.1, all extracts are automagically refreshed based on data arrival, and an extension allows to bundle data availability information within our dashboards. Bonus, we'll tell you how to get started.

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Damien Lesage
François Jehl
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Breakout Session
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Enablement & Adoption
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