Invest in your future

Whether you’re on a personal data journey, or looking to assemble a community of analytics experts, Tableau Conference Europe is the perfect place to be.

Learn, share and unite with your fellow data rockstars in a collaborative environment filled with opportunities to unleash your inner Tableau Hero. You can personalise your time for a truly memorable experience here.

Watch TCE18 Highlights

Gain inspiration from thought leaders

Watch and learn as speakers from around the world surprise, delight and inspire their audiences. Learn from leading minds in the fields of analytics, research, innovation and creativity, and discover first-hand what makes Tableau the #1 platform in enterprise analytics.

Maximise learning

Whether you’re a Tableau newbie or a seasoned conference veteran, Tableau Conference Europe has what you need to help harness your inner data rockstar.

Choose from a diverse range of lectures, hands-on training, meetups and seminars, all tailored to different skill levels and areas of expertise. If that’s not enough, you can add to your experience by signing up for an exclusive training workshop, or take a certification to take your analytical abilities to the next level.

Find your people

Tableau boasts a hugely passionate global community of problem-solvers, solution-givers and expertise-sharers that live and breathe data every day.

Tableau Conference Europe gives you the chance to meet, share and learn from them. Take a moment to have a chat at Bar Chart, catch up over Beats 'n Bytes, or connect with our innovative sponsors in the Data Village. Tableau Conference Europe helps you find your community who can help take your analytics skills to the next level.

You’ll find the people and resources you need in Berlin.

It was the most inspirational conference I've been to. Such a great feel of community spirit and togetherness that you wouldn't see elsewhere.